Welcome To My Blog

Thank you for coming to my blog. I hope you enjoy my site and I would appreciate any feedback you may have to offer, please email. First I would like to say I am Anthony- This is truly who I am and this is how I live my life. I hope not to offend anyone by posting my events on my site. Recently I was reunited with my daughter. Years ago when I lived in Kentucky I met a woman and we were young and had shared life together and the best part of it was my little girl- Sierra. Me and her mother did not last long and I moved to the city and now my girl is going to college in the same city I am. It has been fantastic to be together with her again we have so much catching up to do. She is a hot, smart girl. Just like her mother she also loves sex and cannot get enough of it. She likes woman and men, and is eager to please. She is hot!! We love doing calls together and sometimes the call gets out of control and we indulge in each other and fill our needs. Please continue to come back to my site and provide feedback, and do call- we would love a call with you. ~Anthony~

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My 3 Some

Winter time is coming and I will be heading down to Miami to meet with my friends, That is going to be an exciting time. Its always a fun filled time and lots of hot sex. Well, you all know I'm Bi so I have been spending most of my summer with couples, married and single.While I enjoy pleasing both parties most of the time, I have to tell you about this one married woman I have met.I was introduced to her through a friend and she was saying her husband and her needed to spice up their sex life, they were thinking about a third person to join them for a one night sex session.I told her I would love to be the one to help spice up their sex life, so we picked a time and date and all met for a night of pure sex, to my surprise this woman was incredible, her appetite for sex was insatiable, she made me look like an amateur, or beginner.She undress me and laid me on the bed in such a sensual way, I was hard as a rock, just enjoying her moves, she then began to lick my entire body with her soft, velvet touch of her tongue, blew me away.I could feel my cock leaking pre-cum while she turned me over and ran her tongue tip down my ass ... wow!! as she continued to tongue my body, I looked over to see her husband stripping off his clothes.She rolled me over and climbed up on my hard cock she position herself right over the head of my cock with her nice shaven pussy, and started wiggling and pushing her self down on me, until my cock disappeared inside her juicy pussy.Laying there and feeling her move up and down on me made my cock start to throb hard, watching her titties bounce and jiggle was driving me crazy with excitement.When out of no where her husband came over and kneeled next to my face holding his hard cock, he placed his cock up against my lips, pressing hard enough for my lips to part open and enter into my mouth, with his wife grinding on me I sucked his cock so hard, I could taste his pre-cum filling my mouth.Grabbing at his balls and swallowing his cock down my throat, his wife let out a scream, "I'm cumming," I could feel her juices dripping down my cock, as I started to explode deep inside her, at the same time, her husband shot his load in my mouth, forcing me to swallow it all.We must have enjoyed each other that night about 3 times all different ways call me and I will tell you how she made me and her husband entertain her!!! Anthony........ Check out my friends....Just click their banners.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Here Cums Summer

One thing I like about summer is the beach. Summer time brings out all the hot woman and men. I like to go and spend a nice day on a towel, getting a nice tan and checking out the crowd. You can check out the men in the little suits showing off the package they have as they stroll down the waters edge- The beach is a fantastic place to meet people. You get to see them almost undressed. Knowing if you got hold of them exactly what you would get.
I remember one summer a few years back I met a guy while I was getting an ice cream. I had my shades on and was going at my ice cream cone like a mad man because I was dehydrated. I noticed this dude watching me. He was with his wife and kids. I finished my ice cream and went to the bathroom. I was in the bathroom and he suddenly comes walking in the door. He said something about it being hot outside. I agreed with him. I was washing my hands and he started a conversation about guys? Asking if I knew where the guys on the beach hung out- he said he was looking for some action? Who is this guy I was thinking to myself. I asked if he was gay and he said no, but he was bi- he was a pretty good looking guy. We were alone in the bathroom so I reached down to my suit at the crotch and started to rub it. I became swollen. He was staring at my buldge. I reached over and took his hand and started rubbing it on my dick. Then I told him- I wanted a blow job. We went into a stall and closed the door. I stood up on the toilet and took my dick out in my hand. He reached out and took it and his lips went to the tip of my cock. He started to swirl his tongue around the tip and down my shaft. He reached down and took my balls in his hand. He was working my balls with his hand and he was bobbing on my cock like a chicken pecking. I took my cock out of his mouth and turn around and spread my ass cheeks. He started to lick the crack in my ass and worked his way down to my balloon knot and was licking away when the door opened! We heard some kids using the heads. We just sat there quite. They went about their business and left. He went right back to licking my ass and reached around and was stroking my cock with his hand. It felt really good having my ass licked. My cock was rock hard and I wanted to cum bad. I turned around and he went right back to sucking my dick. He wrapped his hands around my ass and was rubbing my asshole with a finger. My head was floating. Suddenly my cock was about to explode. He took his mouth off my cock and just stared at it. He then was licking the pre cum off the tip of my cock and I just shot my load right in his mouth. He never stopped working my cock. He swallowed every last drop of cum I had. Then he sqeezed my cock and got the last bit of cum out of me. Then he said "that was great" and turned around and out the stall he went. I got down off the toilet and pulled my suit back up. That felt so fucking good. Then went back down to the beach and got back to work on my tan. I never saw him again that day.
I must say that is what summer is about. I am looking forward to the beach this year. I doubt that would ever happen again- thats for sure. He wasnt that good at blow jobs- but I got to cum and shoot my load down his throat.
In late summer I will be going down to Miami with my friends. That is going to be an exciting time. Its always a fun filled time and lots of hot sex.

Sunday, March 4, 2007


I love the month of March- for a few reasons. One is winter is almost over, and my birthday is in March. On the 17th. But I am not Irish-
Last Friday night I was out for dinner. I was alone, it was a quite expected weekend. I was sitting there eating my dinner alone- when a hot dude started eyeing me! I looked up every once in a while to see if he was looking at me. And he was. It was apparent he was looking for something- or someone. I sat and had my dinner and when I got up to make my way out of the restraunt, I noticed he was following me. I went to pay and was told that it was paid for?? When I asked about it, they said the person wanted to remain anonymous? I started to get up from the table and noticed the guy got up as well and began to follow me out. When I got out the door, I acted like I had to make a call on my cell phone and dialed then hung up. He said "hello" to me. I said hello back. And asked how he was tonight. He said he was okay but could be better. I said well, I know that feeling. He suddenly asked me if I would like to go out for a drink. I said that would be fine. We went down the street for a few drinks. I knew what the guy was looking for. His name was Tom.
We were sitting at the table when suddenly I felt his hand on my knee. It slowly went up to my crotch. His hand grabbed my dick and I started to get hard. He asked me if I was gay- I said, I am bi and he asked if I would go back to his place. I agreed. Once we were back to his place he poured me a glass of wine. And we sat and talked for a bit. He suddenly got down on his knees and started to rub my crotch and unzipped my pants. He took my cock out and started to suck on it. It felt so good to have warm lips wrapped around my cock. He swallowed me whole all the way to the bottom. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of his throat. He started to bob up and down on my shaft. Then he took my cock in his hand and started to lick the underside of the tip and it felt really good. He worked that cock good. I could feel my dick pulsating and wanting to cum but I was not ready yet. He kept sucking on my dick and swallowing me whole. And suddenly I was about to erupt- he could feel the excitement in my dick and started to ferouciously suck me off. When all the sudden I erupted this hot load of cum right in his mouth. He lapped it all up. All my cum, and licked every last drop there was. Then he peered up at me and smiled. I told him to go to his room and lay on his belly. I stripped his pants off and I was hard again, and put my dick into his ass and started to pound on his hole. I was making nice deep strokes in and out. I pulled out to where my dick was right at the end of his ass and I acted like I had to hold a piss and the head of my cock swelled up. And suddenly made a deep stroke back into that hot hole and my cum exploded in him. It was an awsome feeling to have myself erupt inside a hot willing hole. Tom and myself live near each other and decided we are gonna see each other now and again. He likes to service people. So I agreed that I will call him now and again, and be a willing participant in cumming in his mouth and any other orifices he has.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Winter Time

Well, the new year is starting off in a positive direction for me. So far I have had 2 really good weekends since my trip back from Florida. On 1/6/07 I met a guy while out one night and we had a wild time. The night started out with dinner and a bottle of Dom to drink. As we sipped on our drinks- we enjoyed the gaze of each other's eyes. Suddenly we couldn't stand it anymore and had to go rent a room and have a romp around. He is a nice guy, bisexual and loves to suck dick. So we enjoyed each other's company. Spent the night with another bottle of Dom and got fucked all night. We exchanged numbers the next morning before we said goodbye.
A week went by and on thursday night last week I got a call from the guy from the weekend before (Les) is his name. He was going out with his on/off again girlfriend Latichia, who he said loves getting fucked by other guys. He asked if I would join them on a weekend trip. I decided to go. We took a ride up to the mountains. It was going to be a weekend of snow skiing. We left on friday and were there around dinner time. We had a nice quiet dinner and I Latichia welcomed me. I was sitting across her at the table and Les was next to me. At one point Les reached over to me, his hand under the table and it landed on my knee. I noticed Latichia was looking straight in my eyes. I later found out, this was planned by them. He had tapped Latichia on her foot while reaching under the table to put his hand on my knee and slide it right up to my crotch. My dick started to get hard. As his hand was on my dick, Laticha put her foot up and suddenly his hand moved and he grabbed her foot- without a shoe on and started to stroke my dick with the bottom of her foot. After dinner we went and hit the slopes for a few runs, then went to our rooms and cleaned up a bit. Then a knock on my door. There they were, standing there with a bottle of Dom in hand. Laticha in her little robe and Les in boxers and a T-shirt. They stepped in and we turned on some tunes and had a drink. I went to use the bathroom and I come out and there they are naked on my bed. Laticha was sucking Les off. He motioned to me to come over to them. His hand reached up and grabbed my zipper and pulled out my cock. He asked me to lean over the bed and he started to blow me. I was looking down at him and I could see him working my cock with his mouth and stroking my balls. It was an incredible feeling. I blew my load in his mouth. Then it was my turn to eat pussy, and I had my head down between her legs and Les fucked me from behind. As he blew his load deep in my ass, she had 3 orgasms as I licked her pussy. It was a wild ass weekend. The 3 of us just fucked and sucked all weekend. We did manage to get in about 2 dozen runs down the slope.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Start of a New Year

Well, what a Happy New year it was. This is my first time doing a blog. I have lots to share. On New Years I was invited down to Miami and spent some time with some clients. They secured my services a couple of years ago and they invite me down two to three times a year. We had a wild time, we always do but this was New Years.
We stayed at the Fontainebleau suites. (http://www.fontainebleau.com) Which has been in Miami for a long time- its a pretty nice place to stay.
Bob and Sharon had a surprise for me, and I did not know what it was. I was introduced to another couple Pete and Kathy who were good friends of Bob's. They had planned a full event with the couple for the week I was there. The first day and night together with the other couple was a "just get aqainted" time. I was a bit surprised as Bob and Sharon have never ventured this way with me before- although they do swing, we have never gone outside our little circle.
My it turned out to be a fantastic time- I thought I would feel like a 5th wheel, but the new couple welcomed me and treated me as if we were old friends. Our first day together we spent on the beach, soaking up some sun and watching the hot men and woman go by all day. Making us drool most of the time at the beach.
However the second day things started to progress and by the evening we were gonna be going full swing- all 5 of us. And let me say, it was a hot night. We had some drinks and romped around and there was always someone looking for action. We just rang in the New Year knowing this was going to be happening again sometime throughout the year.
The week was fantastic, I found a new clientele who may call on me to go out to Denver sometime. And Bob and Sharon dont have a problem with it, as a matter of fact that is why I was introduced.
Keep checking my blog- as events unfold they will be posted. As I said this is my first blog and I would like to keep it updated for you.